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Kristen Dennison

when little things change in life it's easy to just keep keepin on. It's much easier to adjust. Big changes however take a lot more time. Some big changes are happening right now in my life and it's making me realize just how "used to things" I was. We are camping over the Memorial Day weekend at a place near and dear to our hearts. 

Its going to be a busy week for finns fickle goods post Memorial Day. We're getting ready for the @charmatthefarm show down in Lebanon, Ohio. It's a first time show for this group and they've done an incredible job thus far. 

If you can make it out it will be worth the drive. There's going to be some incredible talents at this show.  

Embrace every part of change. Later on, when you look back, you'll be glad you did.  




Kristen Dennison

Several years ago my dad was gracious enough to invest in quality bicycles for my husband and myself. The kind of bikes that will last forever and are quality. As my hubby knows, I like my things to be "customized" :) So that Christmas, hubster surprised me with an amazing leather seat and tool bag to hook on to the back (or handlebars). When I got it I thought, what an adorable little bag! It "should" be a purse!

Not giving the cute little tool bag any thought, until, Hubster says "you should make a little bag like the tool bag on your bike"....shrugged it off again...I thought, "ya, ya, at some point I'll look into it". Well a couple weeks ago I was picking up bags for the @simplyhandmadejail from @wootownbagels and we got talking about a possible collaboration. Well that finally kicked my procrastinating butt into high gear and I started researching on the best way to construct this little goodie bag. Thanks to you wonderful people that had a hand in creating the name it is now known as "The Barrel Bag" Im still playing around with closure ideas but right now it is offered in brown, black and brown & white hair on hide. It may be small but it holds just what you need with you always. In mine, I carry a pen, my cards, my phone (obvi) & of course, Ray Bans.

What will you be carrying in yours?

Nothing But Good Vibes

Kristen Dennison

Checked out the new shop in Bellville, Ohio last night called "Elements Of Home Trading Co". Im so tickled for the shop owner, Amanda Cooper, she truly deserves a great shop. Im even more hopeful because of her being back in Bellville. The vibe of the shop is a bit of Rustic, Country, Farmhouse. It ranges from small apothecary items to large handmade dining tables, and of course Finns Fickle Goods varied handmade goods as well! The shop features local artisans that have been carefully selected for there attention to detail and quality products.

At times through life we are given choices, close the door to one chapter and move on, OR make work what you've committed to making work. The way that I was raised instilled in me that to move on and close that chapter was how to end a situation. In my adult years I now know this is not the ideal way to handle things. The times that I've stayed committed have been so much more rewarding & gratifying. Its against the grain for me but so worth it.

Only 4 more days of the 10% off special in January. Stay tuned to email newsletters for insight on new additions and updates!

Have a great weekend!



New days

Kristen Dennison


I feel a little defeated so far this 2017. I ended the year being sick and now a few weeks in, I'm sick again. It's really holding me back from my creative process! I've been working on new pieces for sweet salvage designs in Oregon, and a new shop in bellville, Ohio called "elements of home trading co". I'll be checking out the spot on Thursday, the 26th. I'm really excited to see it and bring in finns fickle goods. Open date is February 1st! 

I'll be bringing macrame pieces & some new bag styles to the Nashville country living fair this year. This will be finns fickle goods first visit to the Nashville clfair. I can't wait! 

New days revive my perspective and breathe life into my creative intentions. I'm so blessed to be able to create what I love and bring it to you beautiful people.  Thank you for being part of my journey! 

What I've been working on...

Kristen Dennison

Its pretty cold here in Ohio right now, so hats are a must have! I enjoy working on hats so much! I can just relax on the couch with my hubby, son and all the while three wiener dogs are piled high on my lap under a cozy blanket watching a good movie. Weirdly I've been really wanting to watch "Frozen" lately. Don't judge me :) Stay tuned to the site and blog for new stuff! I'm still working on an email newsletter too so its easier to be in the know. Only 10 days to Christmas!

Flash Back

Kristen Dennison

Stumbled across this pic while updating the site this AM. I couldn't believe it when I saw Mary Randolph Carter walking through the columbus Country Living Fair, 2016. Reading every cl magazine and always loving her articles in each mag and then there she was! To us show folk it was a pretty big deal. I also met Rachel Hardage Barrett
 Which was sorta mind blowing. The EIC of Country Living Magazine walking around Finns Fickle Goods' booth! I've gone to the show for years, setup now for a couple years and never had I met the magazine royalty. Anyway, I just thought I'd share. Have a great Monday folks!

Sidebar: I updated a couple things on the site. I added a 2017 show schedule as well as a "whose got the goods" page. The "whose got the goods" page lets you see the shops where you can find Finns Fickle Goods. Some of these will be changing in the new year but its accurate for now!

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Kristen Dennison

Serious props to those that have mastered the art of designing a web site. Truly. My hats off to ya. This is soooo time consuming. ok. So. I think Im ready to launch my site. I hope you enjoy. Im positive that I'll be editing. I know I've not thought of everything that needs thought of. Enjoy your weekend!

Day one

Kristen Dennison

Feeling completely clueless. I have no idea how to setup a web site. Bare with me on this new-ness. I'll get it!