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Kristen Dennison

Several years ago my dad was gracious enough to invest in quality bicycles for my husband and myself. The kind of bikes that will last forever and are quality. As my hubby knows, I like my things to be "customized" :) So that Christmas, hubster surprised me with an amazing leather seat and tool bag to hook on to the back (or handlebars). When I got it I thought, what an adorable little bag! It "should" be a purse!

Not giving the cute little tool bag any thought, until, Hubster says "you should make a little bag like the tool bag on your bike"....shrugged it off again...I thought, "ya, ya, at some point I'll look into it". Well a couple weeks ago I was picking up bags for the @simplyhandmadejail from @wootownbagels and we got talking about a possible collaboration. Well that finally kicked my procrastinating butt into high gear and I started researching on the best way to construct this little goodie bag. Thanks to you wonderful people that had a hand in creating the name it is now known as "The Barrel Bag" Im still playing around with closure ideas but right now it is offered in brown, black and brown & white hair on hide. It may be small but it holds just what you need with you always. In mine, I carry a pen, my cards, my phone (obvi) & of course, Ray Bans.

What will you be carrying in yours?