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Nothing But Good Vibes

Kristen Dennison

Checked out the new shop in Bellville, Ohio last night called "Elements Of Home Trading Co". Im so tickled for the shop owner, Amanda Cooper, she truly deserves a great shop. Im even more hopeful because of her being back in Bellville. The vibe of the shop is a bit of Rustic, Country, Farmhouse. It ranges from small apothecary items to large handmade dining tables, and of course Finns Fickle Goods varied handmade goods as well! The shop features local artisans that have been carefully selected for there attention to detail and quality products.

At times through life we are given choices, close the door to one chapter and move on, OR make work what you've committed to making work. The way that I was raised instilled in me that to move on and close that chapter was how to end a situation. In my adult years I now know this is not the ideal way to handle things. The times that I've stayed committed have been so much more rewarding & gratifying. Its against the grain for me but so worth it.

Only 4 more days of the 10% off special in January. Stay tuned to email newsletters for insight on new additions and updates!

Have a great weekend!