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We've always repaired any products that didn't quite make the cut out in the real world but we've never made it a known "thing". Until now. Its official. We believe in our goods and we're here to back it up.  If anything happens to your handmade leather goods, because of crappy craftsmanship, the stitching breaks or a rivet pops off, send it back to us and we'll fix it or if we can't fix it, we will send you a new one! Our guarantee doesn't cover any damage caused by you, like neglect, improper care, accident, or normal wear and tear. Examples of things not covered are stains, scratches, spills, your kiddo's color on it, your dog eats it (it happens), throwing it out with the trash or getting stolen. We appreciate the character in leather, such as brands, cowlick's, scratches etc. Because we highlight this character rather than discard it we wouldn't offer returns or exchanges.  This guarantee is not valid on prototype products, or products that are not considered a -”main staple” item. If you’re unsure if your item will be protected just ask!

If you come by our products second or even third hand or your first hand product is damaged due to abuse or lack of proper care, give us a ring & we can, in most cases repair it for half of what it cost to replace it.